Dandoy x Delvaux


Fashion meets food. Can it get any better?

Delvaux has teamed up with Maison Dandoy. For those who don’t know: Dandoy is known for their quality traditional biscuits. Delvaux, of course, is known for their beautiful leather luxury handbags. Both are located in Brussels and exist 185 years know. Say what?! That’s something to celebrate, right? They thought so too.

Dandoy designs a new biscuit every year, and this year they made the “Biscuit brillant”, which is a round, golden biscuit. So beautiful and delicious too! Delvaux made in turn a white leather bag with big gold dots on it: the “Brillant Biscuit”. The sweetest bag ever made.

The best news is that you can actually win that amazing bag, which is a real collector’s item! When you buy a birthday box at the Dandoy store, you get a gold voucher with it. Then, you just have to go to the Delvaux store, which is in the Galerie de la Reine (so this is what I did there! ;) ). And you can drop your voucher in a box, that’s it! I went there and the vendor was very sweet! He even gave me another bag so my box wouldn’t get wet since it was raining.

And there is even more exciting news: you can still participate as well! It ends the 29th of November so you still have time to do so. Here are some pictures and at the end you can also find the video.

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