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A while ago I got spoiled by Lush and got the chance to try some of their products I had never tried before. A few years ago, I almost only used the Lush bath bombs, until I realised they actually have so much more interesting products, on which I wrote an article last Christmas.

This time, I got the chance to discover the whole store together with Riley from Switzerland. She showed me her favorite products and let me test them. Then I could choose some of my favorites to try out at home. After that, I even got the chance to create my own bath bomb (and made my boyfriend make one as well!) which was so much fun.

Raspberry Milkshake – I love how pretty these handmade soaps always are. Honestly, I almost don’t want to use them because they are so nice to look at in the bath room. I mean, look at those details…

Citrus Are Doing It For Themselves – This lemon and grapefruit oil bubbleroon gives the best scent in bath, who said you cannot take a bath in Summer? :)

Honey Bear – This cute honey bear is a massage bar. Could you have guessed this? However, I really like how it feels, smells and warms a little whenever I use it. Best massages ever with this cutie. Right before bed time… aaaaaaand relax.

Ro’s Argan – this is possibly my favorite Lush product ever. Before I visited the Lush store, I didn’t even know of the existence of a “body conditioner”. While actually, it’s pretty obvious: it does the same thing to your body as a hair conditioner does to your hair. This is how the sweet Riley from Lush explained it to me.
You use it under the shower, when you’re finished with everything else. You rinse it off a little bit, without really rubbing. Afterwards, the skin needs to be patted dry gently.
I promise after this, your skin will ook and feel smoother, more hydrated and moisturized than ever. This was especially a life-saver for my legs that became a bit dry after the cold Winter. Whenever I decide to wear a skirt or a dress, I include this ritual in my morning shower. Believe me, it works wonders – all day long!

Madame President and Sex Bomb – Not much to say, bath bombs are the best way to relax after a long day, since forever. The last bath bomb is the one I made myself #proud.

Treat yourself © Yolisa van den Eeden -

Bubblegum – This is my 2nd favorite product from Lush next to the body conditioner. It’s my secret for soft lips with that healthy glow and color. I’m very into being “natural” lately, less make up, because I just like myself naturally as well. This product definitely helps!

You can buy all the products here or in your local LUSH store.

In collaboration with LUSH Schweiz



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