That early morning rush

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Early classes, work, appointments, … Some mornings are just so busy that I personally – and probably a lot of you as well – don’t have time for a decent breakfast. I do realize though that this meal is very important, because if I don’t eat anything in the morning before a productive day I literally tend to fall asleep during my classes and I constantly crave for bad things like chocolate bars! A while ago I actually found a quick and healthy solution that works very well for me: the new breakfast oats from Delhaize that are easy to take with you or just quickly eat at home before you leave. I like to add my personal toppings (milk or yoghurt, extra nuts or fruit, …) at home, and then take my little box with me and enjoy breakfast while waiting for my tram, bus or professor who’s too late for class, haha. There are currently 4 different tastes: muesli with dried fruit, oats with raisins, oats with apples and blueberry, and crunchy muesli with chocolate. And yes I can hear you thinking; of course the last one is my favorite! Curious about my personal morning routine and how my new Delhaize breakfasts fit in perfectly? Check out the little video below!

If you want to enjoy a free product of these breakfast cereals, just go to the Delhaize e-shop by clicking HERE, put the product of your choice in your basket, and if wanted, continue your online shopping. At the end of your reservation, use the following code: BLCER1XXPP, which is valid until November 29th. This will ensure that the price of the cup of Delhaize breakfast cereals will be refunded in PlusPoints, and the costs linked to preparing the reservation will be for free. Your reservation will be ready for you at the pick-up point of your choice. Enjoy!


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