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Lately I’m really into experimenting more with make up, but in a natural looking way. I hate an overdose of make up and always want to have a natural looking face. But of course, we can help mother nature a little bit by accentuating some features. I always have “my favorite products of the moment” and right now I mostly like these 3 make up items.

Bobbi’s cools eye shadow palette – BOBBI BROWN

Before I got this palette I would almost never – literally never – use eye shadow. I just think it doesn’t look good on my eyes and even when professional make up artists put eye shadow on my eyelids I don’t like it. But when I was in high school I used to have this palette from YSL which I used to put a little bit of white or light pink glitter eye shadow in the corner of my eye. For some reason I stopped doing this when I went to university, but recently, thanks to this palette, I totally rediscovered how much fun it is to do this! It immediately gives me this “festive” and “happy” feeling.

Cushion highlighter – LANCÔME x OLYMPIA LE TAN

Can we just take a moment to look at the packaging of this cushion highlighter please? I mean… This is by far the prettiest one I’ve ever seen. This is a collaboration between Lancôme and Olympia Le Tan and it is just so pretty. Next to that, I really like the natural color and shine this cushion highlighter gives you. More of this please!

French kiss – CAUDALÍE

As the final touch I like to use this lip tint that also hydrates your lips. It gives your lips a very natural, but still visible color. I love how natural it looks, but when you take it off you totally see the difference.


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