Dessert is my favorite part


As I told you in my previous post, yesterday we had lunch with the family for Christmas and for my grandma’s birthday. We went to the restaurant we’ve been going to for years now, called Jurgen’s Eetboetiek. We had so much delicious food, I’m feeling like a Santa with a big and round belly right now! And of course, as the title implies, dessert is (/was /will always be) my favorite part of all the courses! It all looked so beautiful (just as always) and I just had to take some pictures of it. I also fell immediately in love with the tea set by Oak Concepts. You get a little hourglass with it to know when your specific tea is ready, isn’t that handy? I’ve seen this before, but not so nice looking! And not only the set looked very nice, the tea also tasted delicious! I had the Cherry Moon which was very good, but I also tried the Blossom & Vanilla Snow and the Sweet & Tender. Think I will invest in some Oak Concepts products soon! They also have a very nice collection of interior pieces and even food! If you want to see more products of them you can click here to check out their website.







Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

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    • December 28, 2014 / 5:48 pm

      Haha, we understand each other! :)

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