Fall favorites

www.cestyoli.comHey guys, today I would like to talk about some favorite pieces to wear now fall has started! The weather gets colder, with of course some typical Belgian rain showers… But how to look pretty without wearing the same rain coat or rain boots every day? Let’s get inspired on how to beat this fall weather!

My first fall favorite is a hat. Hats look very playful and cool at the same time. They give your outfit instantly another dimension and personally I love this cowboy-ish look so much! I really like to try to combine hats in different ways, because, as I told you before, people tend to wear the same rain coat everyday which makes your outfit loose its original character. Why not wear a hat to beat the rain? And of course you can still keep an umbrella in your bag in case of emergency. ;)

You can shop the hat here.

Another favorite piece for fall is of course the right shoe to beat the rain and look fabulous at the same time: rubber chelsea boots for the win! These black ones really go with almost every fall outfit you can imagine. I even wear mine when it snows because your feet won’t get wet when the snow melts. And obviously, these shoes are so comfortable that you just wear them automatically!

Shop these black rubber chelsea boots here

My last favorite fall piece is the big scarf. I love wearing big scarfs because first of all they just look cute, and secondly, you can secretly use them as a blanket while studying/working behind your desk or wear them as a poncho. Isn’t that the perfect combination?

You can shop this oversized scarf here.

Hope I could inspire you and check out the whole new autumn collection by C&A here.


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  1. October 2, 2015 / 11:35 am

    Oh wauw wat een leuke items!

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