C'est Yoli

All pictures are mine, unless stated otherwise. You can use my pictures by mentioning me or my blog as the original creator.

Sometimes bloggers receive products or they get paid to write certain articles. I try to be honest about everything I write, even if I get products offered by brands. When I don’t like the products or they don’t match my style I simply won’t write about them. Anyway, I want to make sure the reader doesn’t get confused or misguided about whether I bought or received the products I’m talking about. Therefore I use different symbols at the end of blog posts.


this symbol means that there is no collaboration with a brand and
that I bought all of the products myself.


this means that one or more products in the article were offered to me
as a present and that I decided to write about it myself.


this symbol means that the article was sponsored by the brand,
which means that I have an agreement with the brand that I have to stick to.


Native advertising, which means that the advertising is integrated in the content, is a rather new phenomenon that’s not always easy to recognize. By using this system I’m trying to stay transparent to my readers and brands I work with.

If you have any remarks left, please let me know by contacting me on cestyoli@gmail.com.